The eWTP Arabia Training is designed to enable Finance or business graduates or senior students to gain hands-on practical work experience as the foundation of their professional lives.

Our programs give the student the exposure to our experienced team, our processes as well as our deal pipeline and prepare them to be ready to join the market. 

If you’re looking for a place that fuels your ambition to make a difference, that matches your curiosity with continuous learning opportunities and reimagines ways of working to enable you to lead a more balanced life, then you’re a future eWTP Arabia.



Training Workshop (2 weeks)

  1. Basic of venture Capital
  2. Investment Strategy
  3. Intro of Financial Modelling
  4. Intro of Commercial terms
  5. Intro of Legal terms and agreements

Case studies (4 weeks)

Interns will be given real case studies and assist them analyzing and making recommendation


Peer-Shadowing (12 weeks)

Intern will be assigned to different VP who can mentor them and will work them with the real deals  


Rotation (12 weeks)

Interns will be rotate to have sector agnostic exposure and experience


Feedback  (2 weeks)

All intern will be provided feedback and will be recommended to portfolio companies or strategic partners 


Successful interns are able to multitask and manage a variety of projects in a dynamic, team-oriented environment. 

Candidates must demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, along with strong analytical skills and attention to detail.

We look for individuals who are energetic and bring enthusiasm to the team. 

You should have a strong academic background and an interest in pursuing a career in finance. 

We hire Interns who have studied a variety of disciplines (i.e. finance, accounting, economics, computer science, engineering, applied mathematics and liberal arts).

Some of the main requirements for enlisting into our program:



eWTP Arabia will also offer scholarships to top candidates who has successfully complete the training program and has demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, commitment along with strong analytical skills and attention to detail. Every case for scholarship will be studies and considered at its own merits and abilities and commitment of the candidate.

The scholarship will be offered for CFA only and will cover the tuition fee SAR 15,000 per level and Examination fees of USD 1000 per level.

The scholarship funding will be paid directly to the tutor and institute.



eWTP Arabia will consider funding any idea of any intern (founder) on its own merit and abilities of the intern (founder) in pre-seed round, seed round and pre-series A round.