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If you would like to submit your Business Plan for eWTP Arabia Capital’s consideration, please use the form below. 

We review all business plans submitted. We extensive invest in technology enabled sectors either through buying stake of local companies or launching Joint ventures.

You Should

Submit an Executive Summary (shortened business plan numbering 2-4 pages) or a Business Plan that includes the following details on right.

This should be a working document for the company, used in long-term planning, not simply a sales tool for fundraising.

Our reputation depends on our professionalism and our ability to maintain the trust of the businesses with whom we work. We will take great care to keep your materials confidential. Our confidential review process will also ensure that the submitted plan matches our transactional expertise, profile and scope.

While we attempt to evaluate every proposal quickly, we are intensely thorough – so please be patient if we don’t respond immediately. Typically, we respond within 7 business days. Please make sure to provide accurate contact information when making your submission.  We look forward to reviewing your plan and helping you achieve your financial and business objectives.


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